Airports Authority of India has selected Era Corporation, in partnership with the Holland Institute of Traffic Technology (HITT), to provide three multilateration and ADS-B surface surveillance systems for India.  The airports covered under this deal include the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India’s largest and busiest, the Anna International Airport in Chennai, and the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata.  
India’s airports have seen a staggering rise in demand over the past several years.  To compensate, India has invested in new airports, terminals, runways and surveillance infrastructures.  In an effort to further increase safety, efficiency and optimization, Airports Authority of India chose to add A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems) to three of the nation’s busiest airports. 
Era’s solution will utilize the company’s MSS sensors, which will be strategically placed around each airport to provide optimal surveillance coverage.  MSS by Era is completely modular and can be easily adapted to the fast-growing airport infrastructures.  The system will also allow for improved operations during inclement weather, providing complete situational awareness of all aircraft and vehicles as well, with Era’s Squid vehicle tracking units, during all weather conditions.  The system will be integrated into the A-SMGCS provided by HITT.   
We are thrilled that Airports Authority of India has selected Era as the best provider to continue incorporating next-generation technology into their surveillance infrastructure, said Russell Hulstrom, Vice President and General Manager of Era’s Air Traffic Management unit.  We look forward to aiding Airports Authority of India in their expansion plans as they meet the increasing demands placed on their airports.
Era systems are the most widely selected and operationally proven ADS-B and multilateration systems in the industry, with an unparalleled reputation for performance and reliability.  No Era customer has ever turned to an alternate supplier for a second or subsequent system. 
Era has been chosen in the vast majority of competitive procurements worldwide in the past two years. Era has now deployed systems in over 35 countries and pioneered the use of multilateration technologies for air traffic management, including the world’s first surface, first wide area and first combined surface/wide area multilateration systems.