Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) announced the first delivery of its flagship Hawker 4000 super-midsized business jet to customers Gary and Donna Hall during a special ceremony today at HBC’s Customer Delivery Center. The Hawker 4000 is first in its class, first in the world and the most advanced business jet in the world based on its innovative composite construction. This is not only a truly significant moment in Hawker Beechcraft’s history, but also a landmark day for general aviation as we begin delivering the world’s most advanced business jet “ our flagship Hawker 4000, says Jim Schuster, chairman and CEO of HBC. We are ushering in a new era for general aviation as the Hawker 4000 is first in its class and the first in the world. I am delighted to present the first Hawker 4000 to Mr. and Mrs. Hall as they “ along with our large number of Hawker 4000 customers worldwide “ will enjoy this revolutionary aircraft and benefit from our commitment to superior customer support. The Hawker 4000 has extensively toured the globe and has been in high demand , with more than 130 of the technologically advanced jets ordered to date. The first several deliveries of the Hawker 4000 will be made to customers in the U.S. , followed by Venezuela , the United Kingdom , and South Africa .  The Hawker 4000 capacity and range is designed to meet the needs of customers domestically and internationally. Its impressive climb rate quickly takes passengers from sea level direct to 41, 000 feet (12,497 m) in just 20 minutes at maximum takeoff weight. It has a certified ceiling of 45,000 ft. (13,716 m). At altitude, the Hawker 4000 can accelerate to its maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.84. The business jet is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308A engines which each deliver 6,900 pounds (30.7 kN) of thrust flat rated to ISA +22 degrees Celsius. Coupled with the Hawker 4000’s advanced wing design, the engines provide impressive high altitude/hot temperature and short field capability that is so important in many US and international regions.  Much of the luxurious aircraft’s standard equipment is optional on competitors’ offerings. For example, the Hawker 4000 cockpit features a Honeywell Epic avionics suite with digital CNS radios and five high-resolution 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25 cm) LCD displays. It also has enhanced situational awareness and flight management systems backed by real-time system monitoring and status. Ideally suited for long-range operations or long over water flights, the Hawker 4000 is equipped with dual IRS (Inertial Reference Systems), dual air-cycle machines and a hydraulic motor driven backup generator as standard. Another standard feature is a Full Authority Auto Throttle which provides easy, fast and efficient automatic thrust control during all phases of flight. The groundbreaking Hawker 4000 is constructed of advanced composite material. Its fuselage features a true 72 inch (183 cm) standup cabin with a 77.5 in. width (196.8 cm). A flat floor runs the entire length of the aircraft, leading to an impressively large 88.5 cubic ft. (2.51 cubic m) baggage area, accessible during flight through the cabin, or on the ground through an exterior door. The aircraft’s interior is a standard eight-place configuration with fully-articulating executive seats in double club format. The standup cabin’s interior is fully customizable with a wide variety of materials and cabin finishes available.A businessman who travels regularly between Joplin and Las Vegas, Hall wanted an aircraft that could travel non-stop 100 percent of the time. After being impressed by a tour of the Wichita facility years ago, he and his wife decided to purchase their first new aircraft, a Beechjet 400A. They have been dedicated customers ever since, purchasing a second Beechjet 400A and then a Hawker 800XP , which is their current aircraft.