The ICAO Carbon Calculator, an impartial and internationally-approved web-based tool to identify the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a given flight for use in carbon-offsetting programs, is available on the Organization’s website (www.icao.int).
The Carbon Calculator responds to the wish of many travelers for a reliable and authoritative method to estimate the carbon footprint of a flight, so they can choose the program best suited to offset the impact of their trips on climate change according to the amount of CO2 they are responsible for, says Roberto Kobeh González, President of the ICAO Council.
With the Calculator, only publicly available and verifiable sources of information are used in the calculations. The methodology used takes into account a range of variables such as aircraft type, route specific data, passenger load factors and cargo carried.
ICAO’s Carbon Calculator supports the United Nations (UN) Climate Neutral Initiative which calls for all agencies and units of the UN system to determine their total carbon emissions. It makes it possible to harmonize the emissions estimates attributable to the air travel component of their operations. UN sister agencies, like the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), will be using and promoting the Calculator. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recommended the ICAO methodology to its member airlines for use in their carbon offset programs, to achieve a more consistent approach to estimating the CO2 footprint of flights.
We are excited at the potential of the Calculator to help individuals and organizations become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. As more technical and operational information becomes available, the Calculator will evolve to better meet the expectations of the travelling public, adds Mr. Kobeh.
Increasing information in this area is one of the objectives of ICAO’s first ever Aviation and Carbon Markets Workshop being held today and tomorrow in Montreal. The more than 200 participants of the two-day forum are meeting to explore opportunities for a global aviation carbon market. Key topics such as emissions trading, offsets and financing will be reviewed in detail. For more information, please visit the ICAO website.