Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight deck and safety systems for general aviation aircraft announced today that they have partnered with RocketRoute.com to provide Eurocontrol-approved Flight Planning for the European General Aviation market and world-wide flight tracking.
Using RocketRoute.com’s web and mobile apps, for the first time a pilot can now prepare a route, file the route and send the route direct to their Avidyne-equipped aircraft in one simple, integrated service.
We are bringing to all pilots a professional, low-cost flight planning service. Our vision is to make planning routes and sending routes to aircraft as easy for the aviation industry, as TomTom has done for the motorist, said Uwe Nitsche, co-founder and CTO of RocketRoute.com.
Filing flight plans for European airspace can be a complex and challenging endeavour, and RocketRoute.com makes this critical task much easier, which is certainly in line with Avidyne’s mission, said Avidyne Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Herguth. Through this partnership with RocketRoute.com, we can now receive flight plans and provide our customers with position reports via our MLX770 worldwide datalink.
In May 2010, RocketRoute.com will be launching the service in Beta, and will provide a direct link to compatible Avidyne-equipped aircraft. Core to RocketRoute.com is its intelligent routing engine, which assists pilots and planners in finding a valid route through the complex European airspace. Pilots and planners interested in evaluating the Beta service are invited to register their interest at RocketRoute.com.