GlobalParts.aero, the Hawker Beechcraft parts specialist based near Wichita, has received International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 + Aerospace Standard (AS) 9120 certification for the company’s Quality Management System.  This distinction follows on the heels of the company’s earlier accreditation to the Aviation Suppliers Association ASA-100 Quality System Standard.  GlobalParts.aero thus joins a relative handful of aerospace parts distributors holding both of these coveted recognitions.

Today's parts buyer needs confidence that his distributor is providing approved parts, notes GlobalParts.aero Director Quality Assurance & Export/Import Compliance Nin George.  This means that the distributor having a certified Quality Management System in place, shows it is operating to the industry's best quality practices.  This is a key assurance because regulatory agencies put the approved-parts burden squarely on the aircraft operator and his maintenance providers.   Knowing that our Quality Management System has been audited, accredited and certified by independent accreditation entities accepted by the FAA makes GlobalParts.aero a clear-cut choice whenever it comes to parts.

Generally speaking, either ASA or ISO recognition satisfies the quality-system requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 00-56A, allowing the distributor to be listed in the FAA’s Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program database.  The ASA and ISO standards tend to overlap in basic quality concepts but may differ slightly in some specific requirement areas.  The Aviation Suppliers Association ASA-100 Quality Systems Standard was developed with input from commercial air carriers primarily to serve that industry and provides more prescriptive criteria.  The International Standards Organization’s ISO 9001 series, along with aerospace-specific requirements added by the SAE Aerospace AS9120 Quality Standards, is preferred by government/defense contractors and programs, both domestically and internationally.   Both programs have a common goal and benefit: to ensure that formalized quality, procurement and business processes are applied to a company’s customer, regulatory and internal requirements “ a must i
n the exacting world of aviation.