Hartzell Propeller Inc. of Piqua, OH has concluded a distributorship agreement with Defense Holdings, Inc.®, (DHi®), The Idea Company®, for use of DHi’s AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent Aviation Safety Paint on Hartzell’s line of aircraft propellers.AfterGlo® paint is used to for safety markings to improve the visibility of aircraft propellers in low-light situations. Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings formulates the paint for DHi.
Under the agreement, Hartzell becomes the exclusive world-wide distributor for application of AfterGlo® Brand PL Safety Paint on constant-speed aircraft propellers installed on engines from 150 shp up to 1800 shp. Hartzell will offer DHi’s AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent (PL) Safety Paint as an option on new Hartzell propellers from its factory.  In addition Hartzell will obtain certification for use of Hartzell Propeller Inc. part number A-6741-233-1 PL Paint Kit on existing Hartzell propellers through its network of propeller repair stations and military maintenance depots. The introductory list price of the Hartzell PL Paint kit is $1369 and will cover approximately 20 blade tips.  Hartzell also becomes a non-exclusive world-wide distributor for DHi’s AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent (PL) Safety Paint under the agreement on a not-to-interfere basis with DHi’s current markets.
Potentially distracted by noisy, high tempo flight operations, ground and flight personnel are inadvertently struck each year by propeller blades and helicopter main and tail rotors with inevitably tragic consequences. DHi’s solution combines a revolutionary, long-lasting, ultra-bright, non-radioactive PL material with a high-quality aerospace coating and offers the option of adding an equally effective retro-reflective material to dramatically improve propeller blade visibility under all lighting conditions. The application maximizes visibility, material adhesion, durability, wear resistance and ease of installation without compromising propeller/rotor aerodynamic performance or aircraft detection. We collaborated with DHi to develop and test the application of their PL paint system on our propellers so that our customers could gain access to technology that will greatly improve the safety of their aircraft operations and airport personnel who work at night and under low light conditions. As a company focused on the safety of our products, we’re delighted to be able to offer this impressive technology exclusively to our customers, says Mike Disbrow, Hartzell’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Services.  
Hartzell Propeller is widely recognized as the leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology. The company has developed the next generation of propellers based upon innovative "blended airfoil" technology and is manufacturing these blades on revolutionary machining centers, or with its new ASC-II„¢ composite technology, to provide mission-optimized performance for its customers.  Hartzell traces its beginnings in 1917 to a business relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principle of "Built on Honor" - a tradition that continues today. More information at www.hartzellprop.com