Nextant Aerospace, maker of the Nextant 400XTi – the world’s only remanufactured business jet – and the forthcoming Nextant G90XT turboprop, announced that it would exhibit a 400XTi at the 9th International Business Aviation Show JetExpo taking place September 4–6, 2014 at the Centre of Business Aviation Vnukovo-3 in Moscow, Russia.

This will be the second consecutive year at JetExpo for the company. Nextant launched in Russia last June by appointing FortAero Baltic Business Aviation Alliance (“FortAero”) as its exclusive sales agent in Russia and the CIS. At the same time FortAero placed an order for two 400XTi light jets.

“After operating both aircraft for 9 months and with over 800 hours flown we are confident that the Nextant 400XTi is perfectly suited for this market”, said FortAero CEO Vadim Opryshko. “The 400XTi’s have been to Sochi for the Olympics, to out-of-the-way cities such as Khabarovsk, and to countries such as Japan, the Maldives and most recently South Korea. We have provided charter services to a great variety of clients for leisure and business and have seen some significant interest from potential buyers”.

Light cabin aircraft have traditionally struggled in Russia due to limited range. This is not a problem for the Nextant 400XTi. With a 3,710 km (2,003 nm) range the aircraft can easily fly from Moscow to Novosibirsk or Tashkent or to London or Nice without refueling with the quietest and most comfortable cabin in class.

The company also sees great potential for its Nextant G90XT turboprop, which has the reliability and short runway capabilities needed to service the region’s oil, gas and mining industries.

Nextant Remanufacturing
With 45 aircraft already delivered to five continents and over 30,000 fleet hours flown, Nextant’s remanufacturing program has proven to be a global success. Remanufacturing is defined as “a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, worn, or non-functional product or component is returned to a ‘like-new’ or ‘better-than-new’ condition and warranted in performance level and quality”.  Remanufacturing is not the same as recycling nor is it a modification program. It produces products at a fraction of the new-build cost and with significantly lower raw material consumption and greenhouse emissions.

In the US alone, this is a $50 billion industry with 200,000 workers and is growing at 15% per year.  Nextant is bringing the benefits of remanufacturing to the Russian market: aircraft that offer superior performance, a quieter and more spacious cabin, and world-class reliability. Starting with some of the most popular and reliable airframes ever built, Nextant remanufacturing provides aerodynamic and engineering enhancements, state-of-the-art avionics and engines, advanced acoustic insulation, handcrafted interiors and custom exterior paint designs. The aircraft sell for roughly half the cost of new-build and produce significantly lower emissions to build and to operate.