The Danish aviation company Air Service Vamdrup ApS has been appointed Cirrus Service Center in Norway as of January 1st 2015. The authorization means better service to Scandinavian - and particularly Norwegian - Cirrus aircraft owners as it will be practiced centrally from the company's facilities at Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park just outside Hønefoss.

Air Service Vamdrup ApS has been appointed Cirrus Service Center in Norway, effective from January 1st 2015. - We have been looking forward to sharing this good news with everyone in the industry - not least in Norway, where it’s great news for all Cirrus owners, says Torben Biehl Jensen, Business Development Director at Air Service Vamdrup ApS.

The company's Norwegian branch, which opened in May, is an EASA Part145 workshop and is located on Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park at Hønefoss, approx. 60 km northwest of Oslo.

– We know that there are a lot of Cirrus aircraft in Norway, and so far their owners have had to fly abroad to visit an authorized Cirrus Service Center. Now Cirrus owners can save both time and money by using our workshop at Eggemoen - not least due to much shorter ferry flights, Torben Biehl Jensen explains.

- We have been approved to perform general maintenance on Cirrus aircraft for a long time, so the Service Center status is partly an endorsement from the factory, partly an upgrading of our skills and opportunities. The status enables a close relationship with the factory in terms of much easier access to manuals, training at the factory, parts and also allowance to perform warranty work.

Extensive experience with Cirrus - and now also formally designated
- At Air Service Vamdrup, we already maintain a number of Cirrus aircraft at both of our facilities, and we are extremely pleased that Cirrus recognizes our extensive know-how and has chosen to make us the official Cirrus Service Center in Norway, says Torben Biehl Jensen.

Great opportunities in Norway
At Eggemoen, Air Service Vamdrup offers everything in maintenance of helicopters as well as GA and business aircraft. Their Danish CAMO department (Flysyn.dk), which already has some Norwegianregistered aircraft in CAMO, also performs ARC renewals, and their avionic department perform installations and repairs.

- We look forward to seeing both existing and new customers on Eggemoen. In particular we look forward to welcoming Cirrus-owners for whom life now becomes much easier, Torben Biehl Jensen concludes.