World Fuel Services announced today that the Air Elite® Network has partnered with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) so network members can attend training and pursue the International Standard for Business Aviation Handling (IS-BAH™) accreditation in 2016 and beyond.

Several Air Elite members currently hold IS-BAH accreditation or are working toward the certification. With the guidance of the Air Elite Network, all members can attend workshops and take steps to becoming accredited.

IS-BAH™ is designed to promote the use of industry best practices through a progressive Safety Management System (SMS) for Fixed Based Operations and Business Aircraft Handling Agencies. As one global industry code of best practices, IS-BAH™ introduces a regulatory standard for the safety oversight of ground service providers and aircraft operators to meet the proposed changes to SMS requirements.

IS-BAH™ follows the long-established structure of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations Program (IS-BAO) and incorporates the NATA Safety 1st Ground Audit Program. IS-BAH™ helps organize and monitor service delivery processes, systems and behaviors. In addition, IS-BAH™ provides a registration process, auditor credentialing, audit approval process, and a fully integrated implementation manual.

Conforming to these standards and recommended practices is voluntary and may be self-administered. However, an IBAC certificate to recognize the implementation/conformance to the standards is available through a third party auditing process.

“The Air Elite Network has set the bar high for its members in the area of service standards and quality since the network’s inception. Safety is always paramount in the Aviation industry. Air Elite’s goal of bringing each member up to speed with the new IS-BAH™ requirements furthers the network’s commitment to quality and safety excellence,” said John Rau, World Fuel Services’ Executive Vice President of Aviation.

More specifically, IS-BAH™ strives to provide the following benefits:
• Safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries
• ‘Safest Optimum Practice’ ground handling procedures and improved safety oversight
• Enhanced understanding of high risk areas within scope of ground activities
• Reduced injury and ground damage costs
• Elimination of redundant audits from operators – one IS-BAH™ audit in place of many operator audits
• Uniform audit process and harmonized industry standards –
  o Quality management based on standards can be implemented more effectively
  o Influence in standard-setting process helps reduce disadvantages from regulations
  o HSE management based on standards can be implemented more effectively

The Air Elite Network is comprised of 51 uniquely exceptional diamond service locations worldwide and continues to grow steadily. The network was established in late 2011 and each FBO must meet a number of airport, facility and service quality standards in order to qualify for membership.