RUAG Aviation announces the introduction of the new-production model Dornier 228 aircraft in the North American aviation market. This move is an important step in ensuring worldwide availability of the high performance aircraft for special missions, as well as advanced passenger and cargo operations. The announcement follows on the recent news of expanded FAA approvals for the upgraded Dornier 228-212. RUAG Aviation also names AMC Aviation, LLC, a subsidiary of Legacy Warbirds, LLC in Raleigh, NC, as an official Authorized Service Centre and Dornier 228 reseller.

“We are keen to share the advantages of the Dornier 228 aircraft with the North American market, as it is an extraordinarily relevant market for Dornier 228 operations. Most notably, the aircraft can provide federal and civil policing authorities with superior strategic and tactical advantages for a diverse range of challenging mission scenarios and environments, including medevac, special operations and surveillance activities,” explains Martin Büsser, senior vice president Sales and Marketing, RUAG Aviation. RUAG Aviation is the manufacturer (OEM) of the Dornier 228.

This is fully in line with the company’s overall strategy of growth and internationalization.
“Introducing the Dornier 228 into the North American market is also the logical progression for RUAG Aviation and the Dornier 228 programme as we emphasize proximity to each of our markets and the customers within them. We want to reach these customers and support them where they operate with a reliable, productive and cost-effective solution to the challenges confronting them and their interests,” confirms Martin Büsser.

Supporting the Swiss-based OEM’s decision to enter the North American market are recent and expanded FAA approvals for the Dornier 228, in its current state-of-the-art configuration, issued in May 2016. Likewise, the successful continuation of renewed Dornier 228 serial production, announced in June 2015, also underscores the company’s commitment to its customers and markets.

RUAG Aviation is launching the Dornier 228 in North America in its multi-role configuration, with its unique capabilities set to offer maximum operational reliability, flexibility, and safety, suiting dynamic and varied mission landscapes. Aurigny, a regional carrier based in the channel island of Guernsey, took delivery of a Dornier 228 just six months ago, with another of the cost-effective aircraft on order for the third quarter of 2017. Aurigny’s CEO Mark Darby, says: “The 228 is fast, versatile and reliable and its performance is appreciated by both our air crews and our customers. Crucially, for our services to the small island of Alderney, the 228 has excellent STOL and cross wind capability.”

As operational environments can fluctuate, the Dornier 228 proves highly versatile and robust. Its full range of speed remains uncontested in the 19 passenger category due to its high technology wing design. The Dornier 228 exhibits excellent STOL (short take-off and landing) capacity, low altitude loitering as well as high cruising speeds and endurance, decided crosswind stability, and unobstructed visibility of the vicinity.

The Dornier 228 OEM strengthens this move into the North American market by establishing the first Authorized Service Centre and distributorship in North America. “It is essential to provide active and meaningful support to present Dornier 228 owners and operators in the US and Canada. This means crucial availability of spare parts, MRO and training on a more local basis,” asserts Martin Büsser. RUAG Aviation identifies AMC Aviation, LLC, in Raleigh, NC, and three of its locations in Sanford, NC, Addison, TX, and Carson-City, NV, as Dornier 228 Authorized Service Centres.

“We believe that the new production Dornier 228 is an outstanding multi-role platform with enormous potential in the US market,” states Chris Stern, General Manager of AMC Aviation and Legacy Warbirds, LLC. “It is by far the most versatile and highest performing aircraft in its class, and much better suited than any competitor aircraft to serve as the super-versatile tool modern operators are looking for. The Dornier 228 has opened untouched envelopes for missions, wherever it is operated. For the American market this aircraft will change how modern surveillance, search and rescue, intelligence and reconnaissance missions are flown in our challenging environments.”