Fliteport announced its plans to launch its services with expertise in complete trip planning services including flight planning, flight clearances, ground handling and re-
Fliteport will be providing international trip planning services, with a strong focus on the MEAA (Middle East Africa and Asia) region, where trip planning is often difficult. Fliteport’s knowledgeable team will assists aircraft operators in obtaining relevant permissions, providing regional flight planning advice and making the necessary arrangements for aircraft handling services ensuring their clients an effortless experience.
Fliteport’s fresh approach to trip support will help it to capture significant market share of the growing trip planning industry around the world, which is far from maturity levels, says Mazher Hussain, Operations Manager, Fliteport. Our clients will find greater efficiencies and better experience through a cutting edge customer focused web portal solution.
Because we understand the ˜last minute’ nature of these flights, our systems and processes are optimized to address any unforeseen needs, continues Hussain. Innovation is the very cornerstone of Fliteport and we aim to be a professional and reliable extension of our client’s flight operations department.
Fliteport’s operation team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make their client’s experience as effortless as possible.