Midcoast Aviation announced during EBACE 2008 that it was named an
authorized distributor by Premier Aircraft LLC, a joint venture between West Star Aviation and Yankee Pacific Aerospace, to perform 50Dash4 Performance Upgrades for the Falcon 50 business jets.
Demand for the upgrade is accelerating as performance guarantees have been regularly exceeded in operational use. For example, at .8M cruise, the 50Dash4 aircraft can fly anywhere from 300+NM to as much as 600+NM further than the standard Falcon 50, depending upon departure airport and climb conditions with all other characteristics identical.
Offering greater range/payload, shorter time to climb, higher initial cruise altitude and reduced runway requirements for high/hot or short/hot airports, the STC provides for the installation of TFE731-4-1C engines converted by Honeywell from their original TFE731-3/3D configuration.
The modification also includes installation of new exhaust nozzles and modifications to the Falcon 50 nacelles and engine instruments.
Midcoast Aviation is delighted to be able to offer its customers this enhancement, said Mike Coate, Midcoast’s senior vice president, sales and marketing. Falcon 50 operators will enjoy the benefit from increased mission performance. Pending EASA approval, the modification also will be available at select Jet Aviation operations in Europe.
In all cases the time to climb, range, payload and cruise speeds are enhanced with the 50Dash4 STC. In addition, the 50Dash4 meets the ICAO Chapter 4 noise requirements.
Major upgrade benefits include:
¢ Higher climb and cruise thrust
¢ Lower specific fuel consumption
¢ Reduced time to climb and higher initial cruise altitude
¢ ICAO Chapter 4 noise compliance
¢ Extended 2,500/5000-hour MPI/CZI intervals
¢ Special three year, 1800-hour engine warranty
¢ Reduced MSP rates
Premier Aircraft's 50 Dash4 applications for EASA certification have been accepted. EASA has assigned the project, P-EASA.IM.A.S.02677, to the EASA engineers. Data has been submitted by Premier Aircraft LLC and validation of the data is in progress by EASA, to include the 50Dash4's FAA issued compliance with Stage 4 noise criteria. Premier currently estimates EASA certification this summer, said Ken Shimabukuro, Premier’s 50Dash4 program manager. Premier Aircraft LLC has extensive experience with engine upgrade programs. It has a high level of expertise and capabilities in structural, electrical and propulsion engineering.