Cessna Aircraft Company received an order for two Model 850 Citation Columbus business jets from TWC Aviation, Inc., of Burbank, Calif.
"The Citation Columbus was an easy choice given my longstanding commitment to efficient energy use. The Columbus provides fuel efficiency unheard of in an aircraft of its cabin size, range and performance," said internationally known entrepreneur Andrew Lessman, founder of TWC Aviation, a privately owned, fully independent company that provides jet charter, aircraft management, acquisition and sales, maintenance and consulting services.
"As air transport continues to expand to meet the needs of our global economy, responsible operators must consider the environmental impact of their operations," Lessman said. "The Citation Columbus provides intercontinental service at fuel efficiencies typical of far smaller, shorter range aircraft. That, combined with the exceptional reliability we have always enjoyed with Cessna aircraft, makes the Columbus our choice for the future."
Cessna secured 36 orders by the end of the first quarter, after announcing the large cabin, intercontinental Citation in early February.
"We are delighted that TWC Aviation has chosen the new Citation Columbus," said Cessna Chairman, President and CEO Jack Pelton. "TWC Aviation shares our passion for excellence and outstanding customer service. TWC Aviation's world-class capabilities, combined with the Columbus' combination of speed, range and comfort, will offer the perfect choice for jet charter clients."
The Columbus is expected to be the only aircraft in its class capable of 4,000 nautical miles non-stop at Mach .80. Preliminary performance numbers set a maximum cruise speed of 486 knots, a maximum operating speed of Mach .86, a full fuel payload of 1,950 pounds and takeoff field length of 5,400 feet at maximum takeoff weight.
Configurable for up to 10 passengers, the Model 850 will have a cabin length of 36.3 feet including interior baggage space. Cessna's engineering team and its suppliers have designed the clean-sheet Columbus to be one of the most advanced, fuel-efficient, cleanest business jets.