Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), the largest independent provider of maintenance programs to the business aviation industry, continues to invest heavily in serving the helicopter market with 18 new helicopter maintenance programs introduced in 2016. A further 10 maintenance programs are already in development for 2017, with more to follow.

JSSI has continued to expand its maintenance programs in this underserved market, covering more helicopter engines and airframes than ever before. The number of new helicopter maintenance contracts provided by JSSI increased 250 percent in 2016, with a phenomenal 600-percent increase in the value of these contracts, year-over-year.

“We are seeing exceptional results and continued growth as we consistently meet the needs of helicopter operators in this challenging market,” commented Kevin Thomas, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Planning for JSSI. “We are uniquely qualified to provide operators with tailored programs to fit their precise business needs and the JSSI Helicopter Services team delivers an unrivaled service experience that is second to none.”

JSSI Helicopter Engine Programs
For nearly three decades, JSSI has been the largest independent provider of hourly cost maintenance programs for nearly all types of turbine-powered aircraft, including helicopters. JSSI provides its customers with comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial programs and tools for managing the often-unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining their aircraft. Today, JSSI has maintenance programs that cover more than 474 different aircraft models, including over 100 helicopter models.

JSSI’s engine programs provide coverage for both scheduled and unscheduled events. They cover Life Limited Components and offer a variety of options, including Removal and Replacement (R&R), off-site AOG logistical support, shipping, parts and labor for routine inspections. Helicopter operators have the additional option of enrolling in the JSSI Unscheduled Engine Program. With one simple payment, each year, based on annual utilization, this program provides 100-percent coverage for unscheduled maintenance.

JSSI continued the helicopter engine program expansion in 2016 by introducing engine programs for the Sikorsky S76-D and the Leonardo AW189. More engine programs are already in development in 2017 to provide further engine coverage for additional models, including the Leonardo AW169, Bell 505, and Airbus H160.

JSSI Airframe Parts-Only Programs
With a significantly higher demand for maintenance and parts compared to fixed-wing aircraft, JSSI’s carefully designed Airframe Parts-Only Programs are particularly significant to the helicopter market. In 2016, the JSSI team developed and launched several unique programs specific to the needs of a helicopter operation. These programs offer helicopter operators concentrated coverage for parts and deliver a stabilized budget, with no unexpected surprises.

For one competitive hourly rate, JSSI Airframe Parts-Only Programs cover parts that require replacement due to life-limit expiration, or unscheduled failure in connection with both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Avionics on the aircraft are also covered by these programs, as well as those parts required for mandatory Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. As with all JSSI programs, the Parts-Only Programs include access to exceptional technical support from the global team of JSSI Technical Advisors. JSSI also works with clients to add mission-specific equipment and will further tailor a program to fit the needs of a specific helicopter. JSSI Engine Programs can even be bundled with Parts-Only Programs for exclusive JSSI Tip-to-Tail® coverage.

JSSI created the Airframe Parts-Only Programs in 2016 and today there are JSSI Parts-Only Programs for 16 different helicopters, including Leonardo AW139; Bell 407, 412 and 429; Airbus AS350, BK117C, H135, H145, EC/H130, H120; and the entire line of MD Helicopters, including MD500, 500E, 530F, 520N, 600N and MD 900/902.

Plans are now underway to develop seven more programs in 2017, as helicopter operators continue to approach JSSI requesting this type of coverage. These new programs will cover Leonardo AW109, AW169, AW189, AW119Ke-Kx; Sikorsky S-92/S-92A, S-76 B/C/D; and Bell 505 models.

JSSI Helicopter Team
The key to JSSI’s success continues to be its exceptional team of talented technical advisors, client service specialists and business development professionals all dedicated to serving the helicopter market. “Our advantage begins and ends with our customer service,” added Raymond Weiser, who was recently promoted to Senior Director of Helicopter Services for JSSI. “We truly listen to the needs of the market and adapt accordingly. This is reflected in our extremely high contract renewal rate.”

To learn more about JSSI’s Tip-to-Tail®, Engine and Airframe Parts-Only coverage for helicopters, stop by booth #7536 at HAI Heli-Expo 2017, or visit www.jetsupport.com.