The CFLEX USB charger provides dual 3.0, type A smart charging along with LED backlit connectors. Innov8 also has developed a solution for conversion to type C connectors in advance of pending market demand.

The PMA gives Innov8 the necessary approvals to design, produce and sell the CFLEX USB charger for installation on any type-certificated aircraft. Innov8 now can maintain an inventory and provide the CFLEX USB charger to customers without requiring case-by-case certification and formal FAA/ODA conformity.

“The PMA on the CFLEX Simplicity USB charger delivers on Innov8’s mission to provide customers with an affordable, flexible and innovative upgrade solution for aging aircraft cabin management systems. The CFLEX USB charger is just the beginning; it’s the first step on a path that is changing the paradigm of cabin evolution. Customers can continue to look to Innov8 for cabin retrofit solutions that provide full functionality at a fraction of the cost of other current offerings. We have aircraft flying, and others installing our Simplicity products now, with very positive user feedback,” said Scott Taylor, Business Development Leader at Innov8.

Earning the PMA is the culmination of months of rigorous environmental testing that required working with customers and the FAA on the installation and certification of the CFLEX USB charger. Innov8 passed numerous in-depth audits by the FAA, and its quality system also was FAA-approved which validates that systems and processes are in place to maintain quality.

“Receiving PMA on our first product, in a relatively short timeframe, is a big milestone for Innov8. It is also a testament to the dedication and experience of the Innov8 team and of the support provided by our valued customers,” said Steven Galipeau, Product Development Leader.
The CFLEX USB charger enables the carry on and use of Innov8’s CFLEX Arm and its CFLEX Holder options for customers’ personal electronic devices. The CFLEX USB charger provides multiple independent USB smart charging ports and a docking port for other CabinFLEX products. The CFLEX Arm effortlessly latches into the CFLEX USB Charger and also offers multiple integrated and independent USB charging ports. CFLEX Simplicity supports the various wireless content sources onto PEDs and makes them easier to enjoy versus older, heavier and expensive to support obsolete monitors/arms in the aircraft today. 

The CFLEX Holder attaches to the CFLEX Arm for docking and charging the customers’ personal electronic devices and offers both integrated and universal holder options to accommodate all major PEDs. The hands-free system enables passengers to stream content, browse the Internet or catch-up on work/email through their tablets while independently charging multiple devices.