Honeywell’s (NYSE: HON) Primus Epic integrated cockpit system has been selected by Cessna Aircraft Company for its new Cessna Citation Hemisphere large-cabin business jet. Honeywell’s transoceanic flight management system — including SmartView for lower minimums, precision inertial reference sensors and a comprehensive Connected Aircraft solution — will enable Hemisphere operators to reach destinations faster and with reduced cost.

Cessna’s Citation Hemisphere aircraft will come well-equipped with Honeywell’s Primus Epic cockpit, which will provide pilots with a conformal 3-D view of the outside world even in challenging weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow to improve situational awareness. Honeywell’s Connected Aircraft solution includes satellite communications and connectivity airtime as well as cockpit, cabin, and maintenance apps and services.

“We continue to lead the way in business aviation by providing our customers with advanced cockpit technologies and reliable connectivity systems that are ready to fly anywhere, any time and for less,” said Brian Sill, president, Commercial Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. “Honeywell engines already power the Citation Longitude, and this agreement expands our relationship with Cessna in the large-cabin aircraft segment.”

Honeywell’s Cockpit and Connectivity Technologies
Honeywell is providing Cessna’s Citation Hemisphere with Primus Epic, the latest integrated cockpit system, and other advanced technologies:
•    SmartView Synthetic Vision System (SVS) provides a 3-D color image of runways, terrain and obstacles, giving pilots a clear view of the outside world even during bad weather and at night through all phases of flight from takeoff to landing.
•    IntuVue Volumetric Weather Radar system provides the most advanced, automatic, complete, accurate and intuitive view of airborne weather hazards, resulting in more efficient hazard avoidance.
•    Airport 2-D and 3-D Moving Maps display runways, taxiways and airport markings on navigation displays, and they integrate seamlessly with SmartView SVS for an “out-the-window, gate-to-gate” view of the airport.
•    Honeywell’s transoceanic Next Generation Flight Management System enables the most efficient flight and next-generation approach capabilities with Required Navigation Performance Approval Required.
•    Honeywell’s latest generation of advanced LED large-format, high-resolution displays provides optimal situational awareness.
•    Touchscreen controllers integrated with cockpit and aircraft systems provide advanced functionality for system management and audio control to reduce pilot workload and increase efficiency.
•    Aspire 300 satellite communications enables simultaneous cockpit voice and data connectivity via the Iridium satellite system for safety services.
•    Optional JetWave cabin satellite communications delivers a high-bandwidth, global connectivity experience for passenger productivity and entertainment.

Honeywell continues to offer a suite of advanced technologies to help customers keep up with increased expectations for longer range, greater reliability and better fuel efficiency in the business aviation market. To hear more about this and Honeywell’s other cockpit technologies, come by Honeywell’s Booth 2200 at NBAA 2016.