Partnering with Universal Avionics and TrueNorth, Clay Lacy Aviation is at the forefront of global air traffic modernization

(Los Angeles, Calif. - Oct. 10, 2014) Clay Lacy Aviation - home to an expanding avionics sales, installation and repair facility-is certifying a FANS solution for the Challenger 601-3A/R that will enable aircraft owners and operators to enjoy lower fuel burns, shorter flight times and enhanced safety by reducing pilot fatigue and improving communications.

Certified through the supplemental type certification (STC) process, the avionics upgrade will also comply with approaching worldwide mandates for access to FANS airspace and ultimately provide preferential access to optimal tracks and altitudes across the North Atlantic.
Clay Lacy Aviation is currently completing installation on the initial certification aircraft and expects final certification early next year. The STC solution incorporates the key aspects of FANS 1/A+ including CPDLC, ADS-C with provisioning for Link 2000+ and ADS-B. For reliable data communications between the cockpit and air traffic control, the STC package will use a dedicated TrueNorth Simphonē FANS-1/A Iridium Data Link Unit, which fully complies with the current advisory circular and has been in use for years with commercial aircraft.
    "We're proud to partner with leading equipment providers Universal Avionics and TrueNorth Avionics to develop a solution that reduces fuel consumption, shortens flight times and creates a safer environment for passengers and crewmembers," said Clay Lacy Aviation Director of Avionics Jim Lauer. "This proven technology is at the center of the NextGen airspace modernization program, and is another example of Clay Lacy Aviation's commitment to providing superior service, safety and value."
The scope of work will include:
•    Replace the existing flight management system with dual, factory new Universal Avionics
UNS-1Fw SBAS-Flight Management Systems (FMS)
•    Replace the existing automatic flight information service system with a new Universal Avionics       UniLink® UL-801 Communications Management Unit (CMU), providing advanced air-to-ground, two-way data link capabilities
•    Install a new Universal Avionics CVR-120R Cockpit Voice Recorder
•    Install a dedicated TrueNorth TN1007 FANS-1/A Iridium Data Link Unit with AFIS / ACARS international connectivity
"We are very excited that Clay Lacy Aviation, a company with a long history of excellence in the charter and aircraft management industry, will be one of the first to equip today's most preferred business aircraft with this innovative technology," said Robert Clare, Universal Avionics Director of Sales. "We will continue to work together to provide advanced avionics solutions that enhance safety, reduce operational costs and address current and future requirements."
"Our data link unit, which achieved RTCA DO-178B Level D software certification earlier this year, has recently received Iridium product certification," said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO. "The TSO package has been submitted to Transport Canada and the FAA and we are waiting to receive approval. This certification will make it easier for aircraft operators to benefit from better routes and the resulting fuel savings. We're extremely pleased to work with the Clay Lacy team on solutions that aircraft operators demand."