Albert Beltran, Banyan’s Corporate Chaplain, was recently named 2014 Chaplain of the Year.  This honor is based on demonstrated passion and excellence in fulfilling Corporate Chaplains of America’s (CCA’s) mission statement among the employees he/she serves.  Attributes of a Chaplain of the Year include genuine care for people, availability and responsiveness to their needs, and clear, faithful witness to the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ in both word and deed. 

Beltran, Senior Certified Chaplain, has been with Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) for 12 ½ years and he has been Banyan’s Chaplain for 7 years.  He was selected from over 150 Chaplains serving in 41 states for this award. 

“Chaplain Albert Beltran embodies both the professional skills and personal attributes that CCA seeks and encourages in all our chaplains.  His initiative, diligence, reliability and personal warmth and humor enrich everyone with whom he interacts.  We are thankful and proud to recognize him as one of CCA’s finest,” says Preston Parrish, CCA’s CEO.
 “At Banyan, we are blessed to have Albert Beltran as our Corporate Chaplain.   He is an important member of the Banyan team, making personal contact with teammates, welcoming new babies, making hospital visits, offering one-on-one counseling and lifting teammates in prayer.  He has made 440 calls, responded to 433 regular calls, 96 emergency calls, 26 hospital visits and 1150 care sessions with Banyan teammates,” says Don Campion, Banyan’s CEO. 

During a recent hangar ceremony at Banyan, teammates gathered to recognize Beltran as he was honored by Ken Atkinson and David Scott of Corporate Chaplains of America.  As part of this honor, artist Dan Nelson painted a 57 inch tall by 78 inch wide mural of Beltran with an aviation background.  The mural is located in the Corporate Chaplains of American National Support Center in Wake Forest, N.C.   Smaller copies of the mural were presented to both Beltran and Campion.